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Thursday, January 17, 2013

50th Anniversary of Ramachandran Plots

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Ramachandran plots (Ramachandran 1963).

Don't know what I'm talking about? Read Ramachandran Plots.


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Chirag Vora was kind enough to alert me to this anniversary. Check out his blog at: Golden Jubilee of Ramachandran Plot.

Ramachandran, G. N., Ramakrishnan, C. T., and Sasisekharan, V. (1963) Stereochemistry of polypeptide chain configurations. Journal of molecular biology, 7:95-99.


Unknown said...

I read your previous post on plots and have 2 quick questions. Can these only be determined once you have the 3d structure from xray crystallography? I cant think of any spectroscopic methods that would give you bond angles like this.
What would the plot look like for an intrinsically disordered protein? Would there be large regions..or lines..for some of the bonds?

Larry Moran said...

The plot shows all allowed bond angles for individual amino acids. That's determined from theoretical calculations.

You can create a Ramachandran plot for a particular protein if you have a crystal structure—not sure about an NMR structure. You can't generate a Ramchandran plot for an intrinsically disordered protein.

J ram said...

But why can't we create a Ramachandran plot for an intrinsically group of disordered protein when its shows strong bias towards helical regions for some its residues ?