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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Waiting for Santa

Today's the day of the Santa Claus parade in Toronto. The radio tells me that one million people will be lining the parade route when the parade begins. Here's the Santa Claus fans just outside my building on Queen's Park Circle. You can see that some of them were smart enough to bring a Tim Hortons coffee.


  1. Aren't you a little old for tales of imaginary gift giving friends?

    1. Nope. See A Halloween Witch.

      I never miss an opportunity to get presents even if I have to compromise a few principles from time to time. I'm actually an agnostic about Santa Claus!

    2. At least with Santa there is empirical evidence he exists, or was, when I was eight.

  2. But who would want to live in a world without Santa Claus ?

    Life would have no ultimate meaning, value, or purpose, without Santa Claus life becomes absurd.

    If there is no Santa Claus then all things are permitted.

    Without Santa Claus there can be no objective standards of right and wrong, who is to say which values are right and which are wrong.

    If Santa Claus did not exist that means that man and the universe exist to no purpose since they are only blind products of chance and life is utterly without reason.

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  4. We had our Santa Claus parade here in Hamilton last week. It passes by just a block away from our house. This makes the traffic in our area impossible resulting in many Bah! Humbug comments from me.

    One thing I never forgave my atheist/agnostic parents for, was trying to convince me of the existence of Santa Claus. Even as ayoung child (aged four I think) the physics clearly did not stand up. If Santa and his sled were going to visit each home with a child and there were millions of children in the world it would have to exceed the speed of sound to do this all on Christmas eve.

    We never heard the loud "crack" this would produce. The Santa Claus hypothesis was disproved. It was not science and I drew the obvious Marxist conclusion:

    "There is no Sanity Clause!"