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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is It True? Today at 5:30pm

The Multifaith Centre at the University of Toronto is sponsoring a series of talks. I represent the control group (no faith).

The title of the series is "Is It True?" Tonight I will defend the negative position from 5:30-7:00pm in room 52 University College. If you're in Toronto, come out and participate.
Is it True? Uncovering the Heart of Each of the World's Religions

The University of Toronto Secular alliance (UTSA), in conjunction with Power 2 Change, Muslim Students Association and the Multifaith Centre is hosting a lecture and discussion series entitled "…is it true?"

This series will feature the following speakers:

Oct. 24: Islam (Amjad Tarsin, Muslim Chaplain, U of T)
Oct. 31: Christianity (Kyle Hackmann, Grace Toronto Church)
Nov. 7: Judaism (Yishaya Rose, Chaplain, Chabad House, U of T)
Nov. 14: Atheism (Professor Larry Moran, U of T, Secular Alliance)

Each speaker will speak on behalf of the philosophical framework to which they subscribe to. Following the lecture, there will be a period of Q and A following by an open discussion amongst attendees.

I encourage you to attend these talks as I suspect a lot of fruitful conversations can emerge. To this end, specifically, we are delighted to have biochemist Dr. Larry Moran, represent our side of the conversation.

University College 5:30pm-7:00pm, rm 52. Light dinner will be served.

Please find event page below:


Hope to see some of you there!


  1. SoLarry did you have fun picking on non.scientific pastor Bob, you should go a few rounds with Platinga, WLC or even Nagel. I'd pay to see that!

    1. There is a certain satisfaction in observing that religiots have abandoned even a pretence of claiming that their god soaked claims have the slightest vestige of evidence to back them up and immediately play the hurt feelings card.

      Progress is indeed being made.