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Friday, September 07, 2012

Eschaton 2012 Is Nigh!

CFI is sponsoring a conference in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) on "Celebrating Reason at the End of the World." The title of the conference is Eschaton 2012. Go to the website to find out what "eschaton" means and how to pronounce it.

The meetings will take place from Friday Nov. 30 to Sunday Dec. 2 at a hotel in downtown Ottawa. The list of prominent speakers includes ...
  • PZ Myers (Biologist and author of the Pharyngula Blog)
  • Eugenie Scott (Executive Director of National Center for Science Education)
  • Ophelia Benson (Columnist for Free Inquiry magazine and author of Butterflies and Wheels Blog)
  • Christopher DiCarlo (Philosopher of Science and author of How to Become a Really Good Pain in the Ass
There's a whole bunch of less prominent speakers as well. My talk will be on Saturday morning. It's titled "Scientists vs IDiots."

Later on I'll be on a panel about science education with PZ Myers and Eugenie Scott. This should be lots of fun.

See you there! We'll eat poutine and beaver tails.

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