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Thursday, May 17, 2012

David Klinghoffer Will Bust Your Mark VIII Irony Meter

Back in the days of newsgroups (last century) the howlers in developed a running joke about irony meters.

The lastest version (Mark VIII) is pretty sturdy but from time to time the IDiots come up with a real challenge. You might want to turn off your irony meter before reading any further and especially before following the link.

Here's David Klinghoffer's latest posting on the "prestigious" IDiot site, Evolution News & Views [What Is It about Professors and Reading Comprehension?].

How is it that many professors in the humanities and the sciences seem unable to read an opinion they don't like and then accurately relate the argument -- say it back to their interlocutor -- before trying to rebut it? This is a basic skill in communication that comes in handy in many areas of life, including personal relationships

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