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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The "Reason Rally" Will Have Everything But Reason.

A lot of people are going to Washington next Saturday to stand1 near the reflecting pool for eight hours listening to short speeches and videos during the Reason Rally.

One of the speakers will be PZ Myers and he is rightly upset about some of the other speakers who don't exactly fit the criterion of "reason." Read what he has to say about Senator Tom Harkin and Bill Maher [The Reason Rally ought to have some standards].
Was Deepak Chopra busy on 24 March? Did Oprah have a hair appointment? Maybe it’s not too late to sign up John Edward — he could channel Ingersoll and Russell and Sagan for us, although of course we’d have to be content with him guessing at their words one letter at a time.
So what's the point of having a "Reason Rally" if you schedule talks from known kooks who oppose reason?

I suspect that a lot of people will be wandering off to look at the cherry blossoms behind the Jefferson Memorial. I hope the size of the crowd isn't an embarrassment.

You can buy a ticket for the seating area in front of the stage if you're willing to pay $500, $1000, or $5000 [VIP Seating].


  1. personally I think Bill Maher does a great deal more good than harm to the reason movement owing to his biting takedowns of religion/politics in US. I understand that not every opinion is necessarily sound, but hardly comparable to the likes of Chopra/Oprah/Edwards etc.

  2. In other news, the science rally will feature prominent scientists William Dembski and Stephen Meyer.

    Because there's nothing like including speakers who oppose the old science rule "don't make s**t up" to show that you're open-minded to the point of senselessness.

    Glen Davidson