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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Davey Jones (1945-2012)

Davey Jones of the Monkees died yesterday. He was 66 yeas old. Here he is singing Daydream Believer, a song that hit #1 in the USA in December 1967.


  1. Jones didn't write that tune. He was a cute guy with very meager talent, much less even than any of the other 3 Monkees. IMO.

  2. When some of my friends wanted to make fun of me they would "mistake" the Beatles for the Monkeys (they would say "Monkeys" instead of "Beatles"). After hearing this I feel orders of magnitude more insulted.

    (Sorry, I am not good at political correctness.)

    1. Maybe you will enjoy Anne Murray's version instead:

    2. Oddly enough, I've always preferred Anne Murray's version of Daydream Believer too... but probably because I heard it years and years before I heard The Monkees' version. Funny, though... the older I get, the more I like stuff by The Monkees. "Shades of Grey" could almost be the anthem of anyone over 35. Or should be, anyway.

      I can't believe Davy's gone. He's still a young man in my mind... far younger than I am now. One of the most incredible performances I've ever seen is his amazing dancing (and nearly magical choreography) in "Daddy's Song" in their sign-off effort, the movie Head.