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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Carnival of Evolution #45

This month's Carnival of Evolution (45th version) is hosted by Adrian, a Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta who blogs at Splendor Awaits: Carnival of Evolution #45.
Here at last is the Carnival of Evolution. Because there were so few bug-based submissions, I had to change my plans and think of a new approach. I decided this would be a good time to try the new Google Presentation. This plays for me in the latest edition of Firefox, let me know how it works on your browser.

On with the Carnival! It’s awkward, a bit goofy and tongue-in-cheeky, but it does have bugs.

The next Carnival of Evolution (April) needs a host. Contact Bjørn Østman at Carnival of Evolution if you want to volunteer. Meanwhile, you can submit your articles for next month's carnival at Carnival of Evolution.


  1. Actually, April's CoE (#46) will be hosted by Bradly Alicea at the Synthetic Daisies blog.

    Themes: The tree (structures) of life. See you there!

  2. Yes, we have hosts lined up until June already. But if you would like to host later than that, you can let me know.