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Friday, November 25, 2011

Zoë Is Coming for Christmas

My granddaughter Zoë is coming for Christmas, from Los Angeles. She's bringing her parents. That means two of my little girls (mother and daughter) are coming home for Christmas.

Here's an atheist video from Australia. It's about Christmas, family, love, and a little baby girl who grows up. Can you get through it without shedding a tear? I couldn't.

TimMinchin the songwriter and singer in this video, grew up in Perth, Australia. He lives with his wife, daughter, and son in London, England. The song, White Wine in the Sun was first released in December, 2009.

[Hat Tip: Pharyngula]


  1. If you haven't done so already, buy Zoë these books by Barbara Reid:

    Please shop at your local independent bookstore.

  2. Lar said:

    Can you get through it without shedding a tear? I couldn't.

    Well, I could... But, if I were to, it would be for the poor, confused and conflicted Tim Minchin—whose self-deception cannot allow him to publicly acknowledge his profound existential angst over desperately needing to understand (and more importantly, fill) the ubiquitous human spiritual void that his religion of atheism can neither explain nor soothe.

  3. Psst. jcc, you're projecting...