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Friday, October 28, 2011

Atheist Calls Religious People 'Idiots' On British Debate Show

Good for her. Kate Smurthwaite tells it like it is! It's fun to watch the theists try to defend themselves. Note that none of them tries to offer a rational explanation for their belief in heaven.

Kate's statement is undoubtedly something that the accommodationists would complain about. They probably thing it's counter-productive to point out that believing in heaven makes about as much sense as believing in the tooth fairy.

They probably think it's perfectly respectable to say that all aborted babies are in heaven. In most other contexts, people making statements like that would be candidates for the loony bin and nobody would be criticized for saying so. But if you say stupid things in the name of religion you need to be protected from criticism. According to theists, it has to be "rude" to criticize faith because otherwise it might be subjected to the same scrutiny that we reserve for belief in homeopathy, UFO abductions, and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Society will undoubtedly fall apart if we criticize religious faith, right? I think we're about to find out.

[Hat Tip: Friendly Atheist]

Read Kate Smurthwaite's blog: CRUELLA_BLOG


  1. So, do you belive, that money exist?

    Such stupid argument, and they are suprised, that she called them idiots. BTW she did it in very beautiful way ;)

  2. The responses to her were not very high quality.

    "But you believe in money, don't you?"

    This is a reference to the "Tinkerbell effect," the notion that you can make something exist by believing in it. Throughout monetary history, there are many examples of times when people stopped believing in their government's money and it ceased to exist any more. This argument implies that the arguer believes that people can make God exist by believing in Him. This is certainly not consistent with Christian, Muslim or any other major version of theology, which generally state that God exists whether people believe in Him or not. This statement is ironic in that the speaker probably thought he was being particularly intellectual and profound, when in fact the argument is just stupid, and does not hold up to even the briefest examination.

  3. Where can I get a Kate Smurthwaite t-shirt?

  4. Well, at least the guy made an effort to be original by bringing up money, even if it was a terrible argument. Usually, they ask us atheists "do you believe in love? You can't see, hold or touch love either, but you believe in it!" But this guy didn't want such a plebeian argument -- he wanted a sophisticated argument from the bleeding edge of monetary theory.

  5. Larry's got this thing about tooth fairies. Maybe they traumatized him as a child.

  6. How many people comment here as Anonymous? It would be easier to reply to or comment on your comments if you used a name that set you apart from the others.

  7. "How many people comment here as Anonymous? It would be easier to reply to or comment on your comments if you used a name that set you apart from the others."

    If a thought expressed has any "objective" validity, then the source should not matter, including yours.

  8. Funny thing is, the Jeezoid idiots believe this: The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, they have committed abominable deeds; There is no one who does good. (Psalm 14:1).


  9. I agree Veronica Abbass. I don't allow visitors to my blog to call themselves Anonymous which by the way is a favorite name for idiots.

    The young woman in the video was of course correct. She was in a room full of theist idiots who needed to be told they were idiots. What this world of out of control religious insanity and religious violence needs is more ridicule of religious idiots. It's immoral to suck up to these idiots who believe in the childish cowardly heaven fantasy that makes terrorism possible.

  10. Human Ape

    It's immoral to suck up to these idiots

    Topically, here is a cartoon of Mohammed smiling :0)

    Here is another one of him frowning :0(

    And here is one of him adopting a somewhat neutral stance :0|

    Of course, I don't mean the prophet - good god, no. Just a friend of mine.

    Even so, through prudence, I shall post this as "Anonymous" and get someone else in trouble!

  11. this artical is all about athiests being complete assholes.

  12. thier are idot speakers and leaders everywhere
    some jack ass who insults people in an tv show
    just is a complete asshole ,who should get a clue and a concience.

    1. Isaiah 41 bring forth your Idols did they PREACH to you see they can’t speak they can’t DO ANYTHING all they do is cause confusion. Spalms 115 and Spalms 135 their Idols are FALSE they can't speak, hear, nor smell and those that make them shall become like them. Jeremiah 10 they nail their Idol down like a scarecrow it can’t move, speak they must be carried these are nothing but the WORK of CON men.
      John 10 Jesus Christ says his sheep HEAR HIS VOICE and if another person TRIES TO PREACH to them they WILL FLEE from him. Jeremiah 5 the priests bear rule on their OWN AUTHORITY what will you do when your judged my word is not INSIDE them. Now here is the kicker john 5 son of man voice goes BACK in TIME.
      Mathew 16 Jesus Christ claims to be the son of man. 1 cor 2 mind of CHRIST preached internally and john 14 says the spirit of truth comes in the future. Ezekiel 13 states lying prophets of ISRAEL say GOD says GOD says but my word is not inside them. They wrote hoping mankind would CONFIRM their WORDS. All of this is EASILY verifiable.
      Mathew 10 says you should hear an internal voice that defends you and tells you what to say when taken to court preached to by the holy ghost. Mathew 12 Jesus states he is preaching by the holy ghost. John 14 states holy ghost comes in future and is from someone else. Now refer back to John 10 about hearing from someone else and fleeing. John 5 states son of mans voice goes back in time. Mathew 16 Jesus claims to be the son of man.
      1 cor 2 holy ghost is familiar with the story about a man on cross from READING about it. Isaiah 65 written in front of me is listed here and also what is not written is hidden from my eyes therefore not familiar with it found in the same chapter. john 7 Jesus says if you knew scripture you'd know if its his word or GODS words. john 12 Jesus admits the voice heard is NOT his. John 10 people point out that Jesus tries to make himself appear to be GOD.

  13. It just seems so illogical to anyone not brought up in religion to accept the bible as the teachings of God. It is so logical to believe that it is a human construct.