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Monday, August 22, 2011

Despicable Rhett S. Daniels

EpiRen is the pseudonym of a blogger who about public health issues, including vaccinations and various forms of quackery. He works for a state public health department in the United States. At some point EpiPen crossed paths with Rhett S. Daniels and Daniels didn't like what he heard.

So what did Daniels do? He had EpiPen investigated and "outed" him to his employers. The employers told EpiPen to stop blogging about these issues or be fired. EpiPen complied—as we all would under such circumstances. Read all about it at: The consequences of blogging under one's own name] [A Public Servant, Blogging and Tweeting Under His Own Name, Has Been Silenced By His Employers].

Rhett Daniels showed up in the comments section on the second blog and started issuing more threats.
i am mr. x; first, i am not anti-vax; second, i didn't want epiren to stop posting, but rather to take down the defamatory blog; third, i am not done going after every individual who defames me.

you think you are safe, but all i have to do is file a john doe - or hire a cyber investigator. these courses of action cost less than $10,000 each; which means every person who is afraid of the light can be exposed.

i will not tolerate harassment, defamation, or any such action by any of you. i am very aware of all of you, and have the capital and the will to go after each and every one of you ONLY IF you defame or slander me.

i am self employed if you count owning 11 pharmaceutical companies with cum gross sales over 1/2 billion.


actuall, to save me $9,000 i will offer $1,000 for identify info that leads to an address where i can serve anarchic teapot (legally serve as in sheriff delivers court papers).
Who is this despicable person? It's a little tricky to find out since he's in the process of erasing his blog, his twitter account, and several other internet references. His YouTube videos on folate have been made inaccessible and the websites of some of his companies seem to be undergoing routine maintenance. But there are still traces of him on the internet as PZ Myers discovered: Rhett S. Daniels, litigious bully.

I'm doing my bit to create an internet presence for Rhett Daniels—I'm sure he'll thank me when he gets a chance. Let me make it clear that I am not slandering Rhett Daniels. I'm merely stating what the evidence strongly suggests; namely, that he is a despicable, cowardly, bully who will use his money to legally harass anyone who dares to criticize his treatments.

Bits and pieces of his blog are still accessible on Google cache: cigaRHETT - Toxicological Insight. From there you can link to his Blogger profile where you discover that his favorite movie was Top Gun and one of his two favorite books is the Bible. (Why are we not surprised that such a despicable man would like the Bible?) He lives in Fort Myers, Florida, United States.

Here's more,
Activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Highly skilled executive who excels at taking small struggling companies from low to high revenues in short periods. Boast an impressive record of the most pharmaceutical drug products ever developed by one person (over 400) in the history of pharma - surpassing my idol, Robert Stockstad from Lederle Pharma (he developed folic acid in 1947). One of the most successful non-lawyer ProSe litigants in history. As of July 18, 2011, total product sales since July 18, 2006, are: $590,635,984 (and 22,728,724 units sold!). politics: ViaDiem Holdings (Founder): Captiva Pharma (CEO): Goals: (1) To lead a small pharma company from less than $20 million/yr to over $1 billion/yr in revenues; (2) To feed 82 million Africans with my new unique ingredients that purifies water while provided demographic and staple-deficient based vitamins to provide min RDA based on regional disparities;

You get to ride the big roller coaster three times in a row. What will keep your dad from taking a bite out of your candy apple?

Doing the Good versus doing the Right. Somethings can be Right that are not Good; and there are many things that are Good that are not Right. Right means legally, and Good means natural law.
Rhett Daniels seems to have forgotten that there are some things that are both wrong and evil.

There are several things wrong here. Daniels behaved badly by taking the disagreement to EpiPen's employer. The employer behaved badly by threatening EpiPen if he didn't stop blogging. We should aim for a society where neither of those behaviors are acceptable and everyone can speak freely without fear of retaliation. This is not a good time to criticize the employers but we can make sure Rhett Daniels appreciates the consequences of his behavior. Judging by his defensive reactions on the internet, I think he might be learning a lesson ....

UPDATE: Read the "warning letter" that Liz Ditz received from Rhett Daniels. If this weren't so sad it would be funny.

Here's a list of posts on Keeping Up with #EpiGate. Lots of people are trying to help Rhett S. Daniels have a visible presence on the internet. He will be very grateful.


Pranab said...

He was getting ready to sue me too (and I live in India). I find his obsession with purifying every trace of his name on the Interwebs a tad weird... I would further a provisional diagnosis of multiple delusional disorders (first of its kind?) but I am not a psychiatrist and do not want to get into a tussle with him! Thanks for writing about this issue.

We need to keep the Streisand Effect going.

DK said...

Let's just call a spade a spade: Rhett S. Daniels is a despicable asshole.

Unknown said...

I'd say he has two terrible favourite books.

Liz Ditz said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Larry. I thought Daniels' "warning letter" was one of the funniest parts.

Here's a list of the blog responses to Rhett S. Daniels.

Anonymous said...

I could see where this was going on Liz's blog, and so I went looking for Rhett's e-prints immediately. I happen to have a full-page screen shot of his linkedin page (apparently just prior to lockdown).

If anyone wants it, it's illuminating.

anarchic teapot said...

Oh God, am I going to have to spend my whole week looking for blog posts and asking for a little restraint?

Daniels's info is coming off the web, either because he realised he went too far and is in danger of getting his arse kicked from here to Jupiter, or because Nurse found he was out of bed again (literally or metaphorically).

I may be next-in-line, along with lizditz (I wish him good luck with that too) but I actually feel sorry for the twerp. Mental illness is not a nice place to be and, like Pranab, I suspect that's where he lives.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for the wonderful comments. I have so thoroughly enjoyed this weeks attention that it has been a great distraction from my normal work.
I want to apologize for losing my cool on the liz ditz blog; but - hey, this is my first go at the online world.
after some careful reflection, i've determined that I can still carry on with these lively debates.
A good roasting is good for the soul, and man do I love a good roasting.
Please keep in tune for more Kabuki Theatre.
Yours Truly,
Rhett Daniels

Anonymous said...

at least i'm not as bad as:

the below is the result of nine months of research into how evil mankind is.

dnepropetrovsk murders (3 young guys bludgeon and then torture a man with a screwdriver):

dagestan massacre (6 russian soldiers killed by muslims very slowly):

mexican dr learns to cut heads off and choke victims simultaneously by using their own blood:

burnt alive in kenya for witchcraft (nice slow roasting):

boys torturing dog in mexico (dog kept hanging around, strange?):

slow beheading of christian (allah akbah):

korean christian missionary begs for his life before beheading ("I too yung, I wunt to lieve, I want to go to Korea...too yung!"):

man ripped in half (bike cop) still alive and laying in street with no lower torso.:

high dive off cliff goes wrong. splits face and is conscious:

compared to that i'm a saint!

Anonymous said...

liz, do us all a favor and change your pic. from a PR point of view if I was Rene Najera aka epiren I wouldn't want your face associated with me. Seriously, i get a softy every time I see your smiling blonde face...i'd hate to think what you looked like when you were younger like 5 years ago.

yes, all the geeks have rallied to beat their chests in support of Rene.

funny that Rene told me he asked you and Orac to remain silent so he wouldn't lose his job...and you know what, you basically told him to F off and continued escalating this... even at his own livelihood risk.

with friends like that who needs enemies, right?

it disgusts me to watch you write posts about supporting your Rene, knowing that you are throwing your friend under the bus to serve your own end.

perhaps you will continue this discourse on your blog where you are free to censor. remember "my house my rules"

peace out biotch!


Jud said...

Guessing that previous comment was a Poe.

Mike ... said...

So we're expected to believe that someone who has a 1/2 billion dollar business can't afford a spell-checker?

Or an actual lawyer?

What a tool.


Michael Tiffany said...

Someone really ought to remind dear Rhett that it is illegal to threaten to sue someone and then fail to do so. The party so threatened has cause for civil action.

Jud said...

Michael Tiffany writes:

[I]t is illegal to threaten to sue someone and then fail to do so. The party so threatened has cause for civil action.

That is very context dependent, thus not always true.

And yes, IAAL.