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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dennis Markuze Gets on TV

Problem is, Dennis Markuze is never identified by name. There are other inaccuracies in the news report but at least something is being done (at last) [see Montreal Police: Take "Mabus" death threats seriously]. It's beginning to look like Dennis Markuze may be shut down. I hope his mother wakes up and realizes that her son is deeply disturbed.

Hat Tip: Greg Laden


  1. Typical sloppy reporting job -- We only recently found out where Markuze lives? Only just now complained to the SPVM? Rubbish: that stuff goes back years. It's the concentrated email campaign that finally forced the cops to pay attention.

  2. "People are talking directly to the suspect as well as the mother".

    LOL. I love stereotype confirmation. Jail unlikely, institution is even less likely and what do you want to bet that he won't be able to pay any substantial fine?

  3. @ Dr. Moran
    Anonymous the IDiot has been trolling along for quite some time. At the moment he seems to monopolize the discussion on every thread, squashing any worthwhile discussion. All he aims for is how to be as obnoxious as possible, as he never reacts on real arguments and real information. Anonymous neither knows nor cares about biology: the full aim is being an undiluted pest.
    Why don’t you put him into the spam, but let him appear in the comments?

  4. @Peter B,

    My policy is to post all comments unless they are real spam (i.e. advertising). I don't want to change that policy even for someone as obnoxious as anonymous the IDiot.

    Besides, some people seem to enjoy debating him. When everyone decides to ignore him, he'll go away.

    What I might do is post his identity so we can know which "anonymous" is "anonymous the IDiot" and which one is someone else who might genuinely be curious about evolution.

    That way I could tag all his comment with his real name and physical location.

  5. Had the Montreal police treated this seriously in the past Markuze could have been getting the help he so obviously needs years ago.