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Thursday, June 23, 2011

For Your Amusement

Bill Dembski has just posted an article titled Who Will Be Michele Bachmann’s Science Advisers?.

This is deeply ironic on many levels. Why would Bachmann need people to advise her about science? So far she's gotten along just fine without knowing a thing about science. A real science adviser would just confuse her.

I wonder if Dembski has anyone in mind? He surely can't be thinking of himself or any of his closest IDiot friends because, as we all know, there are Nobel Laureates who would be far better qualified.


  1. Larry,

    Is it the CN tower in that photo of yours at the top left?

  2. I doubt that it's the CN Tower since the photo was takne by PZ Myers in the London Eye (millenium ferris wheel) in London UK.

  3. The topic of Nobel Laureates who believe in ID has come up on several blogs. Thus far, the only living such individual that anyone has come up with is Charles Townes. From an interview with Prof. Townes, it appears that his belief in ID is limited to the weak and possibly the strong anthropic principal. Pretty weak gruel for the Dishonesty Institute.

  4. Sorry Larry, my sight is not what it used to be. Now I noticed that the buildings far behind don't look at all like Toronto's.

  5. Bill Dembski is irrelevant to any discussion about science or science advisors.

    Dembski has no credentials as a scientist, and when given a chance to testify at Kitzmiller v. Dover he ran like a scared child.

    He's all whining and nothing more. An empty suit.


  6. There are Nobel laureates who believe the universe splits in two every time a quantum particle makes what looks like a 'choice' in ours. I'd take their beliefs with a pinch of salt. My many other selves think likewise.

  7. Even the right wing loonies in the U.S. realize Bachmann is a load of bull. She is useful for raising money (for both sides!). Since no one really takes her seriously, she gets to say outrageous things in public and nothing happens to her.

    Here campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination is a egotistic summer vacation. She will consistently finish 6th in a 5 person race.

  8. Billy is working himself, into an unholy frenzy, becoming giddy at the prospect of being Bachmann's science adviser. Would be fun to see these two jackasses discuss science policy. As usual BillyD is a coward and a wannabe bully who doesn't have the guts to stand up to his adversaries.