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Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's Wrong with This Picture?

Here's my granddaughter Zoë at the Antwerp aquarium. She's learning biology from my daughter, the astrophysicist.

I need to get over to Belgium as soon as possible before it's too late.


  1. I can just make out what your daughter is saying to the kid in that first picture: "Can you say 'panspermia'? Sure you can."

  2. I certainly hope that astrophysicist Zoe has a greater grasp of the theory of evolution then does astrophysicist Hugh Ross.

  3. Wait a minute, aren't you a biochemist, not a biologist? Shouldn't you be sending PZ?


  4. She is saying,
    "You see that coral? It's more evolved than the sponge beside it because it has more junk DNA"

  5. I can't believe they've allowed the aquarium to rust so badly- more compelling evidence of the decline of a socialist system! Here in America, our aquariums are clean and shiny, and there are plenty of overpriced plushy pink dolphins in the gift shop.

    If the aquariums are rusted, what can you say about the health care system! Do they even have healthcare in Belgium? Or is it government mandated leechcraft?


  6. At least she's not an engineer (Salem hypothesis, anyone?).

  7. They are both very sweet.
    You're a lucky man, Larry.
    No, on second thought, not lucky, just reaping the rewards of your hard work over the years. Good for you! Enjoy!

  8. In case Paul's comment was not in jest, I'd like to point out how that wall and the hole for the water tank look an awful lot like somebody wanted to do a 'rusted old sunken ship' theme, don't it?