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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Hollies

Ms Sandwalk [Are you young enough, My favourite song of the year] and my friend Elliot Schiller [The Ronettes, Poco] have been posting videos of their favorite songs. Here's a group they "forgot" [The Hollies].

Turn up the volume—especially bass—for the first one. Look for Graham Nash in the third video.


  1. I remember those songs quite well, from high school and college. All those kids dancing in 'Bus Stop' are now grandparents.

  2. The only reason you are even vaguely aware of the Hollies is because the first two songs are MINE!:)

    Lennie has left a particularly apt tribute to you on her blog! We are drinking gin and tonic :)

  3. And the reason you can't find your "Best of the Hollies" tape is because I took it and "Simon and Garfunkel live from Central Park" up to Thunder Bay with me when I spent a summer tree planting.

  4. @Jane,

    That explains a lot.

    Where is it now?

    You always liked my music better than Mom's, right?

  5. @DK,

    I have two words for you as well. :-)

  6. I have two words for you as well. :-)

    Good one! :-)

    I was actually obliquely referring to the fact that one can't go to YouTube these days without seen the damn name plastered all over the place no matter what the context.

    The Hollies were OK. A couple of great songs and the rest is perfectly homogenized bland pop.