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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comments Allowed at Evolution News & Views!

Evolution News & View is one of the main blogs for promoting Intelligent Design Creationism. Up 'till now it has not allowed comments but that has changed. Here's the new policy ...
Of course, you might want to discuss it with the scientists and scholars themselves. To that end, comments will be allowed on selected articles. All comments are held for moderation. The debate over evolution and intelligent design attracts all kinds, including those who detract from the conversation by their obnoxious behavior. In order to maintain a higher level of discourse, we will not publish comments that use foul language, ad hominem attacks, threats, or are otherwise uncivil.
By way of contrast, this blog and many others run by defenders of evolution will allow all comments except spam. We're not afraid of contrary opinions or uncivil behavior from creationists. We get them all the time.

I wonder what they're really afraid of?

[Image Credit: Institute for Creationist Strategies: Show pride in your anti-scientific beliefs]


  1. I'm no arboreal physicist, but it certainly looks like the "Philosophical Evolution" tree that is being cut down by the "Creationists" in the above picture is simply going to fall on "Christians" while leaving the "General Public" unharmed.

    This appears to be just one of many central ironies within the IDiots' movement. Hoisted on their own pop-art!

  2. I wonder what they're really afraid of?

    The truth?

  3. The old charges 'uncivil' and 'ad hominem' are standard creationist ways to dodge deny and delete.

    First, most of them do not seem to understadn what 'ad hominem' even means. Pointing out that Steve Meyer, for example, has no background in biology or genetics and so his claims in those areas should be viewed skeptically is NOT an ad hominem because it is true - an ad hominem directed at meyer would be something like Meyer parts his hair on the same side as Hitler did, so his claims should looked at very skeptically.

    Second, creationists are very good at inflaming and insulting and annoying people, and when they are called on it or are responded to in kind, it is the OTHER person that is acting uncivil and their posts never make it past moderation and/or the person gets banned and ridiculed.

    Bunch of projective hypocrites.

  4. I've never met a creationist, religious apologist, or accommodationist who didn't fail to confuse incivility with rigorous disagreement.

    I'll wager that the commenting policy at Evolution News and View reflects this bias as well.

  5. Checked over a News & Views; no "comment enabled" articles that I could see, yet. Not sure I could have composed a comment that was sufficiently "civil" to make it past the mod anyway.

  6. Larry has everything to fear from me.

    But he is a good sport.