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Friday, January 14, 2011

25 Influential Atheists

Here's a list of The 25 Most Influential Living Atheists. How many do you recognize? Are they good people or are they all morally degenerate because they're not scared of God?

Why isn't Hemant Mehta on the list?

Here's a better list 'cause it includes some people who are much more interesting than Daniel Dennett [The 50 Most Brilliant Atheists of All Time].


  1. Jennifer Hecht?
    She was the 'moderator' on that god-awful Point of Inquiry debate between PZ Myers and Chris Mooney. I haven't read her books but her views on that show makes me wonder how she could possibly be listed as an influencial atheist.

  2. Agreed. John Searle at least should have been on the new list.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg is an atheist?! Yeccchhh! I will have to seriously find religion. I can't bear to have anything in common with that guy and his Godawful/damn business!


  4. Why isn't Jen McCreight on the list? Boobquake made national headlines.

  5. this may sound naive but, whats wrong with dennett?

    are any objections to his persona grounded on his understanding of biology-evolution or his stance respect atheism?

  6. I like this one: "Jennifer Michael Hecht is providing the theoretical underpinnings for the new atheism."

    The theoretical underpinnings for not believing in something?

  7. @Sigmund -

    I have read her books and she is a very entertaining writer, with a great deal to say about religious faith and doubt. That being said, I would not include her because she will not call herself an atheist because of the stereotype that atheists are not nice people. She was on Krista Tippet's "On Faith" show when she told us this.

    I lost my respect for Jennifer Michael Hecht at that point.

  8. Jacob asks,

    this may sound naive but, whats wrong with dennett?

    He's the very worst of the modern adaptationists. His understanding of evolution is so naive that he would probably flunk a university course on the subject.

    Darwin's Dangerous Idea was mostly a vehicle for attacking Stephen Jay Gould and that attack was entirely misguided and wrong.

    I was also really annoyed at Dennet when he gave a talk in Montreal a few months ago. He tried to make the audience sway and chant to atheist gospel music. He likes that kind of music and thinks it's a shame that eliminating religion might have the unfortunate consequence of doing away with such singing. So he is promoting atheist versions of gospel music.

    His personal taste in music has nothing to do with atheism. I don't share his taste and neither did many other members of that largely Canadian audience containing a significant number of people from Quebec.

  9. How can one make a list of influential atheists and not include Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

    I mean, she used to be a Dutch member of parliament for crying out loud, and helped change the whole discourse (for better or worse) about Islam in the EU.

    And what about Ariane Sherine, who started the atheist bus campaign?

  10. Edward O. Wilson should be disqualified, since he identifies himself as a "provisional deist."

    Why isn't Bill Gates on the list? He's been influential in two fields, computers and large scale philanthropy.

  11. Generally all old white people- Am I the only one who sees lists like this as counterproductive.

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