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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Let Oprah know that Kim Tinkham died of cancer

Kim Tinkham died of cancer today. Orac wants you to Let Oprah know that Kim Tinkham died of cancer. I've already sent my message to Oprah. Why don't you send one?

Watch the video. Oprah sends very mixed messages. On the one hand she advises following the advice of doctors but at the same time she supports The Secret.


  1. I sent a message, taking Oprah to task for her involvement in the quackery.

  2. I watched the clip and thought Oprah came off much better than I expected. Yes, on the one hand, she does promote the "power" of positive thinking. But she also called the woman "irresponsible" for not taking advantage of modern medical treatments.

    But the danger of promoting any woo, from the bible to The Secret, is that some dupe might actually take your bullshit seriously.

  3. I can't... actually... believe this. This is like watching television from the 14th Century. O_o

    It's like an episode of History Bites come to life.