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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Age of Autism Opposes Flu Shots

Age of Autism is sponsoring this video to be shown in movie theaters this weekend. Skepchick is on the case: Let’s all go to the movies and save ourselves some lives.

(Flu shots are perfectly safe, but I don't need to tell YOU that, do I?)

Here's a list of theaters that will be showing the video. Boycott them if you live near by.

* Empire 25 in New York City
* Long Beach 26 in Long Beach, California
* River East 21 in Chicago, IL
* Boston Common 19 in Boston
* Phipps Plaza 14 in Atlanta
* Tyson’s Corner 16 in McLean, VA
* Northpark Center 15 in Dallas, TX
* Rosedale 14 in Saint Paul, MN
* Pavillions 15 in Denver, CO


  1. Ugh, the theater in my hometown (St. Paul, MN) is showing this. I'm hoping a Facebook group will be able to spread quickly enough for a substantial boycott.

    I was looking forward to seeing a movie there this weekend too. :/

  2. Every time I see something like that I think: Are they stupid or evil, or both? I'm not a biologist, but I understand that dosage matters when we're talking toxicity. It takes a few seconds on Google to find out how little mercury there is in a flu shot, and how it compares to a can of tuna. Less effort than making a couple of videos with incorrect information in them.

  3. Remember, IJ, this is a country where people can believe someone like Jermy Piven claiming that he had mercury poisoning and got it from eating sushi.




  5. People own these theaters and rely on the concession sales to pay their bills. I get you're against the film but many theaters don't get a say in what comes their way. What is boycotting going to accomplish?

    Instead of a boycott why don't you aim to educate people. Stop assuming everyone is so stupid they can't figure out whats true and whats not on their own. What do you take the people of this country for?

  6. Great idea anonymous, exposing the public to propaganda will result in them seeing right through it.

    They won't believe Uri Geller, Peter Popoff and all the other con-men, the lobbies of tobacco and oil (climate denialism), conspiracy theories, UFOs and pseudoscience, creationists and exploitive religions, OR ignorant anti-vacciners.

    More generally that's why the advertising industry is so impoverished (e.g. Google).