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Friday, October 22, 2010

BioLogos vs Discovery Institute—CANCELLED

With breathless anticipation I awaited the showdown between BioLogos and the Discovery Institute at the upcoming conference in Texas this weekend. Here's the teaser from the Disco website [Showdown in Austin].
Next week the Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science becomes the God and evolution showdown in Austin, as the question of whether faith in God can co-exist with Darwinian evolution will be discussed and debated with people of faith on all different points of the spectrum. CSC Director Stephen Meyer will be presenting, as will CSC fellows Bill Dembski, Doug Axe, Richard Sternberg, Paul Nelson, Jack Collins, Walter Bradley, Bruce Gordon, and Ray Bohlin.
Imagine, all those people of faith from the Discovery Institute arguing that God and evolution are incompatible. And all those theistic evolutionists from BioLogos arguing that science and religion are perfectly compatible. The mind boggles.

Unfortunately, the great debate has been cancelled at the last minute. I guess Francis Collins was too busy to attend. Maybe they should have invited me to take on the Intelligent Design Creationists and the other creationists who call themselves Theistic Evolutionists?1

1. They would need reinforcements in order to make it a fair fight.


  1. This was the Vibrant Dance of Science and religion. They should remember that Baptists don't approve of dancing.

  2. Hey Larry, what do you guys up North, I mean in Canada, eat? Don't you do this BBQ thing? Why? Is it too cold? I know, I know...I've had Canadian Bacon, Poutine (bless the inventor's heart, it's a true family/communal meal) and maple-snpw-ice fudge. Why does it have to be a Texas BBQ? Why not a Canadian BBQ? I mean, you guys drink and eat as hard as us Southerners (I mean we guys south of the border) even if you get PC about it....But...