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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stephen Meyer Explains Intelligent Design Creationism

Here's Stephen Meyer on The 700 Club explaining why Intelligent Design Creationism is likely to be true. This is about as good an explanation as you're ever going to get.

Keep in mind that Intelligent Design Creationism is a strictly scientific theory. It is not religious. It just so happens that an evangelical Christian television show has an audience that's very interested in science.


  1. I had to laugh out loud at the graphic of the little motor turning the flagellum.

  2. The audience seemed pleased to have him there. That was a good healthy round of applause. It sounded like lot of people were out there in the audience. It must have been a good day for audience attendance.

    Gordon asked some tough provocative questions that I'm sure Meyer has never had an opportunity to answer before. It's good to see when the host keeps the guest on his toes like that. I have an invisible bunny-gerbil named Bob. He is my friend.

  3. Even I can see the manipulation of terms and facts. grrr.

    BTW. I know Harvey too. He's cool.

    He says 'Hi'.

    1. Name one term / fact that Stephen Meyer has manipulated.

  4. 00:08:34 Bubba the Host: "Even Darwin noted the shale deposits and whales in the Cambrian explosion..."

  5. It is interesting that he compares all organismal functions to man-made devices (software, machines), but then claims that humans will be unable to design organisms themselves. Why this selfimposed limitation? Is that also part of being "religious friendly"? (Nice term by the way)

  6. @Corneel:
    One of the small ironies about the analogy of design is when its advocates point out that life is so much more complex than anything that we know of that is designed. They should just say:

    "Life is so unlike designed things that it must be designed."


  7. I am still curious if people like Stephen Meyer believe the nonsense themselves, because if the do they are plain stupid, and if they don't they are just frauds.

    1. @shonny Is it all you can contribute to this discussion? It looks like you do not have any counterargument to what Dr. Meyer said pertaining information. Just look at butterfly - you can't explain how it evolved since larva is fully dependent for its next generation on metamorphosis and adult imago. Evolution can't explain it.
      Have a nice time to digest it - Stanislaw Sylwestowicz, Gdańsk Poland

    2. Yeah! Eat this, shonny.
      You can't explain it!
      F***ing butterflies, how do they work?

    3. @Stasiek:

      "Tides go in, tides go out. You got no explanation" -- Bill O'Reilly

      Or, as they put it on Saturday Night Live:

      “Ha ha yeeeah! So many confusin’ things out there...
      The world is full of magical mysteries
      Problems unsolved since ancient history
      Where does the sun hide at night?
      Did people really used to live in black and white?
      Is the world round? Is it flat?
      How come no one can tell me that?

      …How did God ever think up dirt?
      Erasable pens make my head hurt.
      Metal, girls, iron, fire.
      How’d they get my voice in a telephone wire?
      Why are pants different than shirts?
      Fuckin’ blankets. How do they work?
      How do suitcases always know where to meet you? Huh?
      Are children small, or just far away?
      Why do some mountains look like presidents?
      What the fuck is a clock!?
      …The mysteries of life can’t be explained.
      So fuck you, books! We don’t need yo’ tricks.
      And all you scientists can suck our dicks.

      It’s all magic.
      Ooooh yeah ninjas! Life is a beautiful thing.”

      [Bobby Phillipe and Bobby Moynihan, SNL April 17th. 2010.]

  8. If anyone wants to read Stephen Meyer's academic argument for why Intelligent Design is as scientific a theory as Abiogenesis, it can be found here: . I am curious if some people really believe that a tomato seed, which can become thousands of tomato plants each producing amazing and delicious fruit every year, came about by time and chance from rocks and water. I am afraid, though, that some people do.

  9. If people are interested in reading Stephen Meyer's academic argument for why Intelligent Design is as scientific a theory as Abiogenesis, it can be found here: . I am curious if people actually believe that a tomato seed, which can become thousands of tomato plants, each of which produce amazing and delicious fruit each year, came about by time and chance only from rocks and water. I am afraid that some people do.