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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Deepak Chopra Lecture in Toronto Has Been Cancelled

Deepak Chopra's lecture at the University of Toronto—the one sponsored by the Royal Ontario Museum—has been canceled [Shame on the Royal Ontario Museum]. I'd like to say that the cancellation was due to the outrage expressed by skeptics all over the world but, alas, that wasn't the reason. The lecture was canceled because of the G20 summit being held in Toronto at the end of June. The University is shutting done from June 21st to June 27th and that's why his lecture was canceled.

The good news is that there doesn't seem to be any attempt to re-schedule it. Let's hope that the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has come to its senses and realized that it has a public relations disaster on its hands.

CASS has sent the letter with your signatures. You can find the links on the CFI website at: CFI Expresses Dismay at ROM’s Presentation of Deepak Chopra.