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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Young Student of Physics

I know you all hate it when bloggers inundate you with photos of their kids and grandkids but here's one I can't resist. It's my granddaughter Zoë (5 months old) learning vector calculus. It's never too soon to start.

She'll probably have to wait until she gets older to move on to more difficult subjects like biology. I think her mom is doing the right thing by starting out with the easiest science.


  1. Personally, I'd start her on physics first. You need a solid grounding for later science.

  2. A favorite photo of my son:

  3. In the picture, she's reading the section on Lagrange multipliers and constrained extrema - she is anxious to get to the part about divergence and curl...

  4. Good for her. She's quite advanced for her age. Even though it's very simple stuff, most of us didn't master it until we were one or two years old. Personally, I thought that handling a single constraint was trivial but it took me a few minutes to understand how to deal with multiple constraints.

    Tensor calculus is next, right?

    Let me know when she's ready to learn about some difficult things, like evolution or metabolism. I can help. :-)

  5. If Jerry Coyne can post pictures of cats and PZ Myers pictures of octopi regularly, then you're entitled to a very cute baby photo.

    That said, I have an ultrasound of my son solving partial differential equations in utero.

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