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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

World Homeopathy Awareness Week

World Homeopathy Awareness Week takes place next week (April 10-16). This is a week devoted to making people aware of homeopathy and our local Centre for Inquiry and the Committee for Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) is planning to take full advantage of the opportunity. We'd like everyone to know there's no scientific evidence that supports homeopathic "cures" and, furthermore, the fundamental principle behind homeopathy conflicts with everything we know about modern science.

I urge all bloggers to post something next week in order to let the public know about this scam.

The Canadian Society of Homeopaths also has a number of events planned but I don't think they're talking about the same kind of "awareness."

The theme of the 2010 Homeopathy Awareness Month is Homeopathy and Mental Well-being: Body and Mind in Balance. As in previous Awareness celebrations, Registered and Associate members of the Canadian Society of Homeopaths will sponsor events, displays, and special promotions in their communities across Canada.

[Photo Credit: The Guardian: MPs criticise science adviser for defending government on homeopathy]


  1. Just had a discussion on this with my wife, who was under the impression that homeopathy is synonymous with naturopathy. I suspect that conflation of these two terms does a lot to help the image of homeopathy.

  2. Konrad, I have encountered the same problem on a couple of occasions. Very disappointing lack of commentary here. Homeopathy is certainly a candidate for top honors in the Big Placebo scams. Maybe Orac will do a special post next week?


  3. To get an idea of what it takes to become certified as a homeopath, you can take an online "course" here:

    This homeopathy course is an orientation course for the Homeopathy Medical System. It is meant for lay-people, patients, allopathy doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and homeopathy students who wish to know more about Homeopathy before choosing it as a career.

  4. Konrad, I too was under that impression until recently. I wonder why they want people to be more aware of homeopathy. The more aware I have become, the more sceptical I have got. Perhaps they don't care how many sceptics they create so long as they create some future patients/victims too.