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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This is my granddaughter Zoë celebrating her very first St. Patrick's Day.

Some of her Irish genes come from Jane's side of the family via my maternal grandparents. The shortest connection is to the parents of my grandmother. My great-grandfather was Thomas (Keys) Foster, born in County Tyrone on September 5, 1852. He immigrated to Canada in 1876. Thomas married Eliza Ann Job, born in Fintona, County Tyrone on August 18, 1852. She immigrated to Canada in 1877.

Thomas and Eliza settled in Saskatchewan in 1883 and that's where my grandmother was born. Other ancestors in this line came from the adjacent counties of Donegal (surname Foster) and Fermanagh (surnames Keys, Emerson, Moore) and possibly Londonderry (surname Job).

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Niall Nóigiallach - Niall of the Nine Hostages


  1. St Patricks Day is trending on Twitter. I talked about it on my show from NYC

  2. I refuse to celebrate the life of someone who is alleged to be single-handedly responsible for the arbitrary removal of the entire serpental herpetofauna from a geographically isolated ecosystem. Nothing but an environmental vandal.

  3. Cute baby though, give her lotsa love Larry!