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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Canada Did Not Send Troops to Vietnam

This won't come as surprise to Canadians. We know that Canada gave Vietnam a pass. But Ann Coulter doesn't know this. (This is from 2006 but if Canadian Cynic can still use it make fun of the right-wing nutbars, then so can I.)

The one good thing about Ann Coulter is that she makes Sarah Palin look smart.


  1. One should realize that, according to one of her former gentleman friends, Ms. (Mr.) Coulter doesn't believe 90% of the crap that comes out of her (his) mouth or her (his) word processor.

  2. Before anyone chimes in that we did send troops - yes, under Operation Gallant in 1973 we sent about 240 peace keeping troops to monitor the U.N. mandated cease-fire. There were NO combat troops involved. People are constantly replying on Youtube that Coulter was correct, but she wasn't. In fact if Ann Coulter said that the sky was blue I would go outside to check, she really is that bad.

  3. It goes against the Conservative ethos to ever admit to error.

  4. Has Ms. Coulter ever complained about draft-dodgers from USA escaping to Canada? Seems like something the extreme-right-wing nutjobs like to complain about.

  5. With Tranny Annie, Saracuda Palin, and Michelle Bachmann GOP has sent women's libbers 50+ years back in time.
    Maybe they should form 'Hard-Faced Bitches Inc.'?


    Hmmm 1550 medals for troops that never served in viet nam, eh?


    Seriously, look it up, morons.

    No, Canada did not declare war.

    But there WERE troops. The statement was factual.

    And Canada did sell arms, send aid, and support counterinsurgency in other ways.

    Look it up, and stop US bashing. Coulter is not so great, but get your facts straight.

  8. No, the statement was misleading. She was strongly implying that Canada sent combat troops. We did not. I spent ten years in the Canadian Armed Forces with a reserve infantry regiment from 1969 to 1979, if there were any Canadian troops in Vietnam I would have known about it. As I said before, the only troops we ever sent were peace-keepers to monitor the cease-fire. Many Canadians served in the U.S military, including a friend of mine, but they were then American soldiers, not Canadian, and the medals they received were American. You might want to think a little more before calling us morons.

    Dave Bailey

  9. You know, I don't care that Canada stayed out of Vietnam. It was probably one of the smartest things your country did. However, you can keep your socialist style of medical snafu fubar.
    Does Canada have the millitary might to defend itself? if so how well?

  10. Defend against what and who? Except for areas like the Middle East the world is a much more stable place than most realise, we don't need a huge military. We would rather spend money on things like our damned fine health care system, which is NOT socialized. You have been lied to. If we had socialized medicine doctors would be government employees, they are not, they are self-employed. If we had socialized medicine they would be licensed by the government, they are not, they are licensed by their own respective governing bodies. In the case of my doctor it is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. If we had socialized medicine the hospitals would be run by the government, they are not, they are private corporations. The only thing we have socialized is the health insurance system, and it works in a simple 4 step procedure: Step 1, the government collects the premiums. Step 2, I go to see my doctor. Step 3, she sends the government a bill. Step 4, they cut her a cheque. And if, as some detractors will claim, it's bad for doctors, why are over 95% of the doctors in Ontario on the government plan? They don't have to be, they can opt out if they wish. In the bad old days before the plan people would either not go to a doctor because they couldn't afford it, or they would go and not pay. This way the doctors get paid without question. If it's so bad why did the members of the AMA respond about 75% in favour of a single-payer system like we have? If it's bad for patients why does Canada have a lower infant morality rate than America? Why are we rated as healthier in just about every category? Why do we have a greater life expectancy? And why do we pay less for the plan than American citizens do? One reason is because when you submit a claim to your HMO they call out an army of actuaries accountants and lawyers to go over your paperwork to see if they can wriggle out of paying. That costs money, and gives them about a 30% administrative overhead I've heard. Ours is about a tenth of that, because we don't have to find out if a person can be excluded for pre-existing conditions like simple yeast infections. Also, your insurance companies are in the business of making money for themselves more than in providing health care, so they will charge as much as they think they can get away with. A third factor is that competition is almost non-existent, most of the providers are actually subsidiaries of a huge umbrella corporation known as WellPoint. And why do your federal politicians have a plan much like ours, while many refuse to let the general public have one? Simple, many of them live in the pockets of the health care insurance providers, emerging only to vacation in the pockets of oil companies. It's so corrupt you're no better than a third world banana republic.

    Dave Baily, aka The Rat. I'm posting using the 'anonymous' option because for some reason I'm having trouble logging in to Google.

  11. Canada did not fight in the Vietnam War and diplomatically it was officially non-belligerent.

    However, Canada was a haven for draft dodgers and military deserters who sought refuge during the War.

    Ann Coulter is NOT a draft dodgers or military deserter, but she dose like Canada's closets.

  12. ....Well, I guess if enough of you insist Coulter had meant and/or implied "COMBAT" troops in her conversation, then you've successfully convinced each other of that. However, that is NOT what was discussed, and is NOT what she said. She was 100% correct in her statement. If you're pressing on and on about FACTS, how about sticking to them throughout all of your arguments...? Canada DID in fact send troops to Vietnam. ...There, that wasn't so hard.