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Monday, March 01, 2010

Canada 26  : Australia 3

Canada won 26 medals at the 2010 Olympics while Australia won only 3 (and one of those was won by a Canadian!). Eat your heart out John Wilkins.1

1. When you combine the two rounds of olympic competition (summer and winter) Australia still comes out ahead in terms of total medals. If you count gold medals, the score is Canada 17 : Australia 16. It would be interesting if John could re-calculate his table of medals per population now that the complete results are in. Australia still does better than Canada but many of the values in the table will change significantly.


  1. Thank you for supporting my contention that the Olympics are just a big international DSW.


  2. And if you count the fact that the hockey team consisted of >30 individuals, that's an even greater number of (overall) golds for Canada!

  3. But the winter Olympics aren't real Olympics...

    [Where did I put the sugar for my porridge?]

  4. There's probably a giant equation involving the size of the Aussie team as a proportion of population and the amount and duration of actual snow coverage in Australia which shows, proportionally, Australia to be the greatest winter games nation in history; however I'm no good at maths so won't even bother.

    Given that, I'm content to just say "GO CANADA" because they beat the Yanks and to be glad that Oz won anything at all :)

  5. Okay I updated my graph. Canada is now above Bahrain.

  6. Not much snow in Australia. Our (Australia) team consisted of surf life saving beach sprinters, gymnasts and a guy who Canada wouldn't let compete while continuing to run his multi million dollar business, so moved to Australia and has now won us a gold and a silver.