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Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Key Darwin and Design Science News Stories of the Year

The people at Access Research Network have compiled a list of the best stories of 2009. These are stories that lend support to the idea that God exists and that he plays an important role in creation of the universe.

The stories are supposed to fall into two categories; anti-science stories that cast doubt on modern scientific explanations, and stories about evidence supporting intelligent design creationism.

Here's the list from: “The Key Darwin and Design Science News Stories of the Year”. Judge for yourselves how many fall into each of the two categories.

  1. The Modern Synthesis is Gone
  2. Cell Motors Work in Concert
  3. Early Large Galaxies Stun Cosmologists
  4. The Ida Hype and Bust
  5. Walking White Blood Cells
  6. Signature in the Cell
  7. Cells Use Cloud Computing
  8. Peppered Moths Oscillates Back to Gray
  9. Reverse Engineering Biological Designs
  10. Cambrian Explosion Continues to Challenge Materialistic Theories
  11. The Collectivist Revolution in Biology
  12. Failed Assault on Irreducible Complexity
  13. Intelligent Input Required for Life
  14. The Edge of Evolution Confirmed
  15. The Ardi Hype and Bust


  1. F. Prefect, World renowned optometristSunday, January 03, 2010 8:00:00 PM


  2. "The Edge of Evolution Confirmed" - did they actually read the article?? It is this one and the authors show that some evolutionary events can not be reversed. It is a marvellous publication on evolution of protein structure (which is the true level where evolution occurs :-p ) and even if I try hard I can not see any connection to ID. Makes perfect sense that evolution is sometimes irreversible. I didn't read the other articles but I expect most of them to "reveal" similar things.

  3. mark,

    Behe is basically arguing that despite what Thornton claims, his paper does support Behe, that he hasn't read his argument, that he misunderstands probability, that he is spinning the implications of his results, that he contradicts himself and various other stuff.

    If you want the full story, here are Behe's initial responses to the paper:

    Thornton then responded via Carl Zimmer's blog:

    Behe then responded to this in 3 parts (actually 4, but one post is basically an introduction):

  4. That's sad. Do you think they're pushing an agenda? IDiots.

  5. Behe doesn't seem to realize that he's just reprising the "Bumblebees can't fly" math joke that treated bees as fixed-wing aircraft. For years, we had school-kids runnng around telling each other, "Did you know that bumblebees can't fly? Someone proved it was impossible!" "Then how do they fly, anyway?" "I dunno." Only he's serious.

  6. I see. So it is THAT bad already. So Behe would sell a round pebble as wheel to show an example of intelligent design?