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Friday, November 13, 2009


Ms Sandwalk just got an iPhone. She's thrilled by all the things it can do and I'm happy for her. However, most of the things an iPhone does are not important to me. I already have a camera and I'm not interested in iTunes. My Samsung flip phone works just fine, thank-you very much.

Up until last week, getting an iPhone was the last thing on my mind. It was a waste of money as far as I was concerned.

Then I learned about a wonderful app called timmyme [Tim Hortons coffee locator comes to the iPhone]. This little program allows you to find the nearest Tim Hortons no matter where you are in the civilized world.

I have to have an iPhone. To hell with the cost.


  1. Aw - quit rubbing it in.

    (Not many timmies in the states.)

  2. I walk outside and a block away to a decent coffee shop rather than go to the Timmy's in my building. I'll drink their coffee just for the caffeine when I have no other choice or am on the road or something but otherwise just can't stomach that weak swill they call "coffee". Sorry Larry.

  3. DG says,

    Sorry Larry.

    No need to apologize. I know it's not your fault.

    Blame your parents.

  4. Presumably you're wanting to find THs while travelling outside Canada, because around here, anywhere 5 people clump together for more than 10 minutes a new Tim Hortons opens. Hell, I swear I've seen them open a new Tim Hortons inside another Tim Hortons. Ubiquitous don't begin to cover it.

  5. Whiiinnne!!!! I, and we others here in California, want our Timmies!
    [visited Toronna last year, tried Tim Horton's, now experience gaping hole in life]

  6. There are no Tim Horton's in Pasadena :(

  7. @ Anonymous: Canadians can't afford to ever use their iPhones in the States anyway because of Rogers' extortionate roaming charges. Luckily Starbucks has free WiFi, so they can check that they haven't overlooked a Tim Horton's within 500 miles.

  8. @anon: unless we're talking about Vancouver. We too have coffee shops clustered in pairs at single intersectionS (no joke), but...

    From Starbucks City,

    (personally, I prefer my own stuff brewed in the lab office. There's a microscopy course here every summer, and at the end they have leftover supplies. Long story short, I got about 2kg of free coffee. And free coffee is the most delicious kind there is when you're a broke student!)

    (seriously, how can you guys afford daily trips to coffee shops!?)

  9. Well, Larry, I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, sure, the iPhone is expensive and it is manufactured by The Forces Of Darkness, ut they got a lot of things right when they designed, and they also got a lot of things right when they setup the software development model for the App Store.

    I get a lot of use of my phone thanks to its internet acess and the GPS. The fact that I can use it to call people when necessary is an added bonus.