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Saturday, November 21, 2009

One More Reason to Visit Canada

I stole this from Bayblab It shows why Canadians like global warming.

Canadian Tourism Federation Welcome Video from Canadian Tourism Federation on Vimeo.


  1. I'm doing my part by not recycling and using as much electricity as possible.

  2. ... and by setting flow hoods on fire.

  3. Is Ontarian summer not hot enough for some people...!? o_O

    I fled the place partly because of...summer! It's living HELL over there!

    Vancouver, on the other hand, has another problem. Must. Resist. Temptation. To rant. About. Not having seen the sun. For TWO WEEKS. Grrrr.

    At least snow is bright and fluffy and gentle. Rain is dark, depressing, wet, and tries to grope you inappropriately everywhere...

    Also, down with the 4.30pm darkness!!!

    Ok, Canada does have a climate problem. I agree with these guys...

  4. Psi: Yes. New England should have been the name for the Pacific Northwest.

  5. Re: Global warming.

    I am still sitting on a fence in regard to the human influence on the climate, but this does not look good.

  6. Oops, what happend to the link? Another try:

    this link

  7. What happens to the links is that Blogger seems to eat them. I double-verified the code and a link but now it shows only as "this link". Anyway, here is the URL:

  8. DK: I agree. But regardless whether humans has anything to do with the changes, the changes are for real. The question is what we'll make of it.


  9. In all the media and internet verbal diarrhea concerning global warming, Canada is constantly slagged by many parties (especially within Canada) ONLY on the basis of PER CAPITA values for CO2 emissions. The slaggers NEVER mention the ranking of TOTAL CO2 emissions by country. If one looks at those figures, Canada ranks 8th with only 1.9% of the world total. Even assuming a Herculean Canadian effort to greatly reduce emissions, unless other more significant contributors do the same, how much difference would this make in the overall picture, and at what cost to Canada? Does anyone else find this attitude strange?


  10. Too bad the maple syrup won't run if it gets too warm!

  11. Well now, what's going to happen to Santa at the North Pole? Consider your poor most northerly neighbor...