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Thursday, October 01, 2009

What's on American Television?

One of the things I see on American television is Glenn Beck. PZ Myers says that Glenn Beck is completely insane.

It certainly seems that way to me but one can't help but wonder why he's given a show on a major cable news network. Surely he represents a substantial number of Americans?

Watch the video. Keep in mind that the song "Battle Hymn of the Republic" was originally "Canaan's Happy Shore" then transformed into "John Brown's Body." The significance of the changing lyrics to this memorable tune will become important near the end of the video.


  1. Y'know... I've seen this video posted at PZ's place and at yours, now... And I *still* haven't quite summoned the nerve actually to click on it...

    (/The still alone reminds me too keenly of Larson's "How nature sez 'do not touch'"...)

  2. This video was my first time hearing Glen Beck. I'd heard the name, that's all. Is he always like this? He's awful and frightening and narrow-minded and incredibly phony. My dad, who used to be a smart guy, is a huge fan.

  3. This video is perfectly typical of Beck. The only other thing you should know about him is that he cries... a lot. He cries on TV, he cries on the radio, he cries at rally's. He's a sensitive guy, you see.

  4. Ah, he cries...

    Well, that's a good thing, I'm sure...

    I mean, it's a *wonderful* thing that the psychotic demagogues among us be in touch with their inner whimpering child, y'know?

    (/Them and crocodiles...)

  5. I think he's great. I watch him every day though I thought him a commedian but then I don't live in the US ,so have fun.

  6. I doubt that he is sincere about anything that he says. He is a former radio dj that found a formula that makes money. Appeal to the conservatives, because they are the ones that the advertisers market to.

  7. Wow... Like Diane I'd never actually heard Beck, but just wow. This is pretty insane.

    Here's something that's been bothering me, American politicians (including Obama) wax poetic about spreading democracy to the entire world, but declare themselves the world authority (usually moral) by fiat. What's up with that?

  8. Sheesh. Few years ago O'Reily was the evil talking head Beck is now (and before that it was trashy Jerry Springer). Someone's got be an evil bad guy the press will keep talking about. It has basically nothing else to do - the journos have to justify their jobs after all. Why would an intelligent person care about this crap? Anyone still watches TV? Anyone still believes that talking heads believe what they say? C'mon, it's just their niche to earn a living! If no one pays any attention to the garbage coming from TV, that niche will disappear.