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Monday, October 05, 2009

Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher's Show

Here's Richard Dawkins appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher. Dawkins does a fine job of discussing evolution—it's very entertaining.

Equally entertaining is the second part where Maher gets politely raked over the coals for his silly views about Islamic terrorism. Now that I've been alerted to Maher's kooky ideas about medicine I'm seeing more and more examples of his strange way of thinking.

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  1. I'd rephrase the sentence about variation in brain power. I'd go from Thomas Friedman to Bill Maher. And I'd put Dawkins closer to Maher than to Friedman.

    It's us against them. We the brights, they, the stupid. Of course, let's bash religion, even though the evidence suggests poverty, foreign policy injustice and repressive governments.

  2. When we laugh at creationism, we set the problem aside and turn the "debate" into a mud-slinging love-hate relationship between conservatism and cheap neo-liberalism.

    If we want to actually eradicate creationism (which, I think, may not be Maher's or Dawkin's real goal since they make so much money from their playful fun-poking) we must attack it seriously through education.

  3. Could it not be a combination of all those things?