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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nobel Prize Predictions

My colleague, Alex Palazzo, has just posted his annual list of potential Nobel Prize winners in the biological sciences [Gaze into the crystal ball - Nobel Prize Predictions].

I'm hoping for Ernest McCulloch and James Till for their discovery of stem cells. My second choice would be Harry Noller and some combination of others for their work on ribosome structure and function.

Post your prediction on Alex's new blog Transcription and Translation.

If you have time, you might want to correct his misguided views about scientific facts [Science - Building Models, Not Facts].

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  1. I agree with both of you. Ernest McCulloch and James Till would be great. Harry Noller and Tom Steitz, too.
    But then again, we've thought about them every year for a couple of years now.

    Yamanaka is a strong candidate if you ask me. Maybe not this year, but definitely soon.