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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Last Universal Common Ancestor

Jeffrey Wong is a former member of our Department1 and the author of the best theory on the origin of the genetic code [see: Amino Acids and the Racemization "Problem"]

LUCA, LECA and LBACA--Root of Life and Roots of the Biological Domains

Dr. Jeffrey Wong
Department of Biochemistry
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

4:30 pm, September 10
Medical Sciences Building room 4171

His mother's photograph is on the wall of graduates on the first floor of our building. She graduated from medical school in 1929.

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Alex said...

He certainly has some facility with analogies. I don't pretend to understand everything he said, but it was very interesting. I got the impression that while not everything he said may be beyond doubt, the evidence and speculations he presented were very thought provoking.