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Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Biologic Institute Expands

Posted yesterday on Evolution News & Views: European scientists working in conjunction with Biologic Institute.
The anti-ID crowd has an old canard about there being no serious scientists who doubt Darwin, let alone any that support intelligent design. And they like to say that there is no science being done by ID scientists. Both ideas are not just false, but absurdly so. Note this announcement of new scientific arrivals at Biologic Institute. Professor Matti Leisola, the Dean of Chemistry and Materials Science at Helsinki University of Technology in Finland; Colin Reeves, Professor of Operational Research in the School of Mathematical and Information Sciences at Coventry University; and Professor Stuart Burgess, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol.
Three "serious scientists", eh? And not a biologist in the bunch. That's what we've come to expect in an institute that's supposed to be studying evolution creationism.

John Pieret has the scoop on these dudes. All three of them are creationists with strong ties to the Young Earth Creationist movement [The "Pros" from Dover]. John had the idea of comparing these guys to the Three Stooges. I thought it was appropriate so I "borrowed" it.1

1. I steal a lot of John's ideas but let's not tell him, OK? It gives him a swelled head.


  1. So when are they going to publish some of their research that supports ID in a respectable peer-reviewed journal? The only thing they've published which I am aware of was some sort of computer model about Chinese characters which has nothing to do with ID.

  2. It gives him a swelled head.

    And here I thought that came from your beating on it.

  3. John, *groan* (I say that from the bad joke aspect as well as the fact I had some surgery down there recently and things still hurt a bit)

    I would also love to see some of those papers that they have tried to get published but the nasty, mean, evolutionist reviwers will not let through. And the comments from the reviwers. I have met so many people who tell me the establised biologists do this. They are not talking out of their asses are they?

  4. I would also love to see some of those papers that they have tried to get published but the nasty

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  5. But doesn't Casey Luskin assure us that ID isn't creationism?