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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New Seven Wonders of Nature

There are 28 finalists in the running for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. You can see the list here.

Guess who didn't make the cut? Niagara Falls wasn't even on the list of possible wonders because the Americans in New York State didn't want to spend money to promote the Falls as a legitmate contender. (I assume the Canadians didn't want to foot the entire bill themselves.)

If you're Canadian you can vote for the Bay of Fundy and if you're American you can vote for the Grand Canyon. Australians, Germans, Irish, South Africans and Italians can all vote for a 7th wonder form their own country. Even the Swiss have an entry.

If you're from the United Kingdom, you are out of luck. Apparently there's nothing wonderful in the UK.

[Photo Credit: The Eire Hiker]


  1. Very impressive picture, but isn't the photo upside down? ;)

  2. Why should we foot the entire bill? More than half the Falls are in the US! (Border runs down the middle of Horseshoe Falls)

    But I'd vote for the Bay of Fundy anyways: the tides, tidal bores on several rivers, Hopewell Rocks, Five Islands, Joggins Fossil Cliffs -- much more impressive than a bunch of water falling over a cliff!

  3. The British Isles are a wonder of nature!

  4. As a german I am surprised to see
    the Schwarzwald to be `our` candidate, it`s nice but we have even nicer & larger forest areas and a quite spectacular coast line with vast tidal zones the `Wattenmeer`, which I think is quite