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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Good News ....

The good news is that FOX is doing its proper job of informing America about religious beliefs in other countries. The bad news is that many FOX news viewers probably had a heart attack when they saw this ...

I know lots of people—mostly accommodationists—who think that religion is here to stay and it's a waste of time trying to fight it. I wonder if they've ever been to Western Europe?

[Hat Tip: Pharyngula]


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  2. Clearly the next steps after abandoning religion are to kill your children and then kill yourself. That's some good reporting.

  3. Well, Europeans had centuries of religious wars, besides two world wars fought in their territory. They have plenty of reasons to distrust absolutist world views.

    Of course this is an oversimplification - but not without some truth.

  4. I was born in Spain, where I was raised as a Roman Catholic. Then I moved to the Netherlands to go to grad school, and there I became an atheist. There you are, Fox News: Dutch people can brainwash pious believers into letting go of God.

  5. Funny. I live in the Netherlands and there's no such thing as 'marraige with more than one partner' here. That can't be accurate.

    Of course, we -are- the leading country for advocating the equal rights of homosexuals.

    We also have rampant freedom, happiness, justice and healthcare so I suppose it could be worse. :)

  6. Haha, funny to see my home country portrayed this way. I was sort of hoping to see wooden shoes and tulips to complete the stereotype.

  7. It's not only The Netherlands, I was allowed to marry more than one person in England!
    Mind you, I did have to divorce the first before they let me marry the second - but hey, lets not let boring facts get in the way of a high shock-value claim.
    Then again in my native land, Ireland, with their recent worship of tree stumps and outlawing blasphemy they are doing their best to drag Europe back to the middle ages.

  8. I thought the tree stump worship was a harbinger of the return of Druidism.

  9. And there is a surplus of prison cells in the Netherlands; we are renting out some of them to Belgium to avoid lay-offs of prison personnel.