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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dennis Kucinich on Canadian Health Care Statistics

If I were an American I would have voted for Dennis Kucinich during the Democratic primaries. Here's why ...

David Gratzer is a Canadian psychiatrist and a senior fellow at the Manhatten Institute. He has a practice in Toronto. His latest book is The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care.

The Wikipedia article on David Gratzer has a section titled Allegations regarding the misuse of statistics.

[Hat Tip: Canadian Cynic]


  1. Kucinich has always been good at pointing out stuff like this. He almost manages to be a solid populist. Unfortunately, he often shoots himself in the foot by supporting pushers of new-agey altie-woo.

  2. Kucinich has zero political skill; I wasn't going to waste time voting for someone who had no chance to get elected.

    And yes, Kucinich is way too comfortable with certain wooish stuff, as the previous poster had just pointed out.

  3. Kucinich is well read, informed, smart, bright, and intellectual to the extreme. Unfortunately politician he isn't. David Grazer is a liar before other things, and he was caught and his lies smothered this time.


  4. Grazer comes across as exactly what he is - an arrogant 'think tank' pseudointellectual for whom an informed opinion is one in which only information that supports his preconceived views is worthy of using to support it.

    I also like how he tried to complain that Kusinich wasn't all nice and polite - it is the same sort of whiny tactic creationists use.


  5. Gratzer was born in 1974. Wikipedia says we was "appointed to the University of Manitoba Board of Governors for four successive years from 1994–1998".

    Simple question: how the f#$k a 20 years old gets appointed to the Board of Governors of anything of any importance???

    Something smells very fishy with this guy.

  6. DK asks
    "how the f#$k a 20 years old gets appointed to the Board of Governors of anything of any importance???"


    It is common practise for one or more students currently enrolled in a university to be appointed/elected to the university's board of governors.

    "The [University of Manitoba]Board of Governors consists of 23 members: . . . three members appointed by the University of Manitoba Students' Union."

    The Board of Governors of Royal Roads University is composed of
    (d) a student elected by the students,

  7. It is common practice for one or more students to be appointed/elected to the university's board of governors

    Veronica Abbass,

    Thanks for the answer. Very strange practice. It's like medical patients participating in medical concilium.

  8. Once or twice I took online polls that asked a bunch of policy questions and then picked which candidate best matched your preferences (this was waaaay back at the beginning of the whole primaries process, when there was a large field of both Dems and Repubs, and I also had to do a little translation of my Canadian views into the American context). IIRC, it regularly matched me with Kucinich. Of course, for all I know, it was put out by Kucinich ;-).

  9. Kucinich is not accepted into the Washington Old Boy/Old Girl Power Club precisely because he speaks the "unspeakable" -- ie, says things that the power brokers do not want the general public hearing.

    Gratzer is a pompous twit. He's clearly one of those spoiled "whiz" kids who, for his entire life has had everyone around him telling him what a "genius" he is.

    So he naturally has come to actually believe the BS -- ie, believe that he knows it all.

    I suspect the grilling by Kucinich may be the very first time someone has actually questioned his omniscience.