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Friday, June 05, 2009

Is There a Problem?

Fr. Alphonse de Valk writes in Catholic Insight: Atheism: a threat to civilization
Christian belief in Canada

Today the Christian belief in God is under tremendous attack. It began in the 1960’s with the overthrow of the age–old condom nation of contraceptives, divorce, abortion, and homosexual activism (1967-1969). Today in Canada, the leaders of three out of four political parties are agnostics or aetheists. The print and visual media are overwhelmingly agnostic atheist, with the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, and the CBC in the lead. Catholic Insight’s March article, “The Frankfurt School” indicates the prevailing ideas now dominant in educational circles. The world-wide elitist hostility towards the Pope for contradicting the folly of the condom is good example of atheists at work. (see above).
So, what's the problem? Sounds like Canadians are on the right track if they condemn the Pope for advocating abstinence instead of condoms.

[Photo Credit: The Interim]

[Hat Tip: John Pieret of Thoughts in a Haystack]


  1. Gotta love the dig at "elitists", ie. people who know what they're talking about re health, like the WHO. Yes, dammit: we "elitists" are hostile to people who promote harmful lies.

    BTW: do you have any hard information on the religious views of the "three out of four" party leaders who are supposed to be agnostic or atheist? (We know it ain't Harper)

  2. So only an atheist would dare challenge the Vatican's condom policy on health grounds? Good to know.

  3. "...the overthrow of the age-old condom nation...."

    What? There was a condom nation that was overthrown in the late 60's?

    Seriously, what is he trying to say there? Maybe the overthrow of the age-old condemnation of contraceptives, etc? And if so, we has responsible for writing it as "condom nation" or did someone else? Either way, it's pretty hilarious!

  4. I meant to say:

    "And if so, was he responsible for writing it...."

    Serves me right for being snarky.

  5. And if so, we has responsible for writing it as "condom nation" or did someone else?

    I would guess someone making a typo, then being lazy and letting Microsoft do the proofreading.

    But the sentiment, once parsed, tells us just how medieval-minded this fool is, and the kind of nasty world he would put us all into, if he could.

  6. I love when they come with this distorted idea of religion equalling civilization. Also, I find quite interesting on how they just utter words without defining them. What does he mean by "civilization"? Does he mean the ability of humans to live in large, organized communities? Or does he mean "values" shared by a population? Oh boy, you just can't argue with people who have no philosophical rigueur - it is just frustrating.

  7. I love when they come with this distorted idea of religion equalling civilization.

    I think they mean that, if we drift sufficiently far from Our Christian Roots, we'll turn in to Somalia, or Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or Khmer Rouge Cambodia, or some such place. In fact, his opening paragraph pretty much tells us that's what he means.

    Am I allowed to say "fucktard" on this blog?

  8. tories liberals block ndp.

    I thought Layton and Harper were religious and believed in God. I don't know about Duceppe or Ignatieff. Aside from the other qualities of this guy's argument, is he sure he's got his facts right? He says 3/4 are atheists or agnostics, but I think at least 2/4 believe in God.