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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I can't wait to see this ...

This looks really good, judging from the trailer. Like PZ Myers I'm a little nervous about how it will turn out but I'll certainly be watching it as soon as it's available.


  1. Even before I clicked on the link to PZ Myers' post, my reaction was "melodrama." PZ Myers' "ahistorical melodrama" is even more apt. I think the title, "Creation," is unfortunate - there's my pesky word association tendency kicking in again.

    The words in the trailer, "Mr. Darwin, Sir, it is time to write your book," sound as if they were spoken by a young boy, and they remind me to recommend a young-adult book by Alan Gibbons: _Charles Darwin: Discover the World of Darwin Through the Diary of a Ship's Boy_.

  2. Oh God. I'm so afraid to watch this, I may well not.

  3. Most likely your high fructose corn syrup with soem xanthan gum - in the tradition of "A Beautiful Mind". That the same actress plays The Wife in both movies is probably not even a coincidence.

  4. I always knew that Paul Bettany would return to the Galapagos to finish what he started.

  5. Sadly, it seems like it will be crap, made for a US audience.
    Good stuff about Darwin is already in existence, so a dumbed down movie is superfluous.

  6. @Anonymous

    And of course you realize that he was on the Galapagos the first time because he was accidentally shot by a marine played by the same guy who played Darwin in the PBS series....