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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Perfect Gift

We've all had this problem. Try to choose the perfect gift for your partner without asking their opinion. Chances are, you got yourself in hot water—especially if you're a man choosing for a woman. I still remember1 buying that cool flash attachment for her 21st birthday ....

It should come as no great surprise that sociologists have studied this phenomenon. Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily has all the details: Why my mom didn't buy me a slot car track for Christmas in 1978, even though I told her that's what I wanted.

The good news is that we aren't alone. The even better news is that women aren't any better at choosing the perfect gift for a man. (It's just that they're less likely to hear about it!)

We've solved the problem in our family. Now we just ask the gift recipient what they want. Last week I got a new GPS system for my car—it was exactly what I wanted for my birthday. How did she know?

1. Because I'm not allowed to forget it!

[Image Credit: How to Choose the Perfect Personalized Sister Gift]


  1. "Because I'm not allowed to forget it!"

    Screw that. Man up, Moran. You have to let your wife know that you're the boss and she's just a woman. I wouldn't ever accept anything like that from a woman. People like you are the reason that the commercials and TV shows that go "durr hurr I'm a stupid man look at me I didn't know you don't do the dishes in the washing machine" are actually successful in this world. Again, man up.

  2. Anonymous, come on, don't have to be rude. Moran has a good point!

  3. Well that's one way to look at gift giving. I'm guessing you’re not big into the holiday season.
    Each and every gift I choose is from the heart. That is what a gift are . I don’t think that telling your partner what you want and having them go out and buy it for you was ever in the meaning of gifts and gift giving.
    Every gift you give should be from the heart and be of a special meaning to you and her. If you’re at the point of just asking for what you want then I suggest the word spoiled comes to mind .y kids would have loves every expensive gift on the market but I can only buy with in my limits and if you just ask for what you want your putting your partner on the spot to buy it and hold her up to your disapoilment when she can’t afford it.
    Get back into the holiday spirit and give from the heart.