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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Canadian Invasion

The Canadian invasion is proceeding as planned.

Most of the rest stops along the New York State Thruway have a Timmy's and you can find lots of them in the bigger cities. It won't be long before Starbucks is in trouble.

Note to my American friends ... be afraid ... be very afraid. Civilization is coming to America. You will be assimilated.


  1. Pennsylvania! Come to Pennsylvania, Tim, and relieve us from the Dunkin' drudgery! (My wife says Dunkin' has the best coffee, though.)

  2. If you can find it at a NYS Thruway rest stop, it is by definition not civilized.

  3. I saw a "Tim Horton's" banner up in my local super market. They're closing in.

  4. Quiz for Americans:

    Who is/was Tim Horton?

    What is the name of Horton's partner?

    NB. There is no apostrophe in the company name; it is spelled Tim Hortons.

  5. Americans,

    Avoid TH coffee at all costs. It has but two things going for it:

    First, it keeps you wide awake during long car trips (though you pay for that in frequent trips to the bathroom). Also good for staying awake during long hours at the lab...

    Second, it's cheap.

    I suppose it's also good for stripping wallpaper in a pinch.

    Seriously bad coffee.

  6. There's been Tim Hortons in Michigan for... well, quite a while. Twenty years, maybe? I want a few in Alaska, as the closest one is in the Yukon about 12 hours drive away.

  7. We have plenty of boutique eateries and way too many fast-food places. A Tim's on BC's Sea-to-Sky Highway shares premises with a Wendy's. They could both do civilization a favor by repeating the pattern down here in benighted California