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Friday, April 17, 2009

Summer Course on Intelligent Design Creationism

You can sign up for a full week course on Intelligent Design Creationism at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington (USA) [Deadline Nears for Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design]. It runs from July 10 - 18, 2009 and it's free.

The course is open to any student ... almost. There are a few small hurdles that have to be jumped in order to qualify.
  1. A copy of your resume;
  2. A letter of recommendation from an ID-friendly source;
  3. A copy of your academic transcript;
  4. A short (one page) statement of your interest in ID within your field of study.
If anyone wants to attend I'd be happy to write a letter of recommendation.


  1. Would I get disqualified for having taken multiple courses with "evolution" in their title and getting good marks in them?

    I'm tempted to apply just to see what happens. I just have to figure out how to frame my major so it's acceptable sounding. Maybe I can say I want to be the next Behe/Wells/etc? Or should I just admit I'm in it for the lulz?

  2. Thanks so much Larry. I hope you won't hold my young-earth creationist beliefs against me in the letter.

  3. Interesting that they limit it to juniors, seniors, or first year graduate students. I suppose if you've gotten past the first year of grad school they are afraid you might actually know something...

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