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Monday, April 20, 2009

Idiot America?

Oh dear, my accommodationist friends aren't gonna like this.

From the site ....
The Culture Wars Are Over and the Idiots Have Won

A veteran journalist's acidically funny, righteously angry lament about the glorification of ignorance in the United States.

In the midst of a career-long quest to separate the smart from the pap, Charles Pierce had a defining moment at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, where he observed a dinosaur. Wearing a saddle.... But worse than this was when the proprietor exclaimed to a cheering crowd, “We are taking the dinosaurs back from the evolutionists!” He knew then and there it was time to try and salvage the Land of the Enlightened, buried somewhere in this new Home of the Uninformed.

With his razor-sharp wit and erudite reasoning, Pierce delivers a gut-wrenching, side-splitting lament about the glorification of ignorance in the United States, and how a country founded on intellectual curiosity has somehow deteriorated into a nation of simpletons more apt to vote for an American Idol contestant than a presidential candidate.

With Idiot America, Pierce's thunderous denunciation is also a secret call to action, as he hopes that somehow, being intelligent will stop being a stigma, and that pinheads will once again be pitied, not celebrated.
I can't wait for the sequel—Idiot Canada.

[Hat Tip: Canadian Cynic]


  1. That is not funny, that is sad. Sad that our world - politicians, religions, the news media, corporations, all of them contribute to the stupidity for their own narrow short term benefit.

  2. No one who earns their living in the United States by teaching undergraduates would dispute this.

    Another book: Susan Jacoby: Age of American Unreason.

    My guess is that this got a huge head of steam during the Ronald Reagan era.

    I am hoping that Barack Obama will make being smart "cool".

  3. Bayesian Bouffant, FCDMonday, April 20, 2009 2:47:00 PM

    "how a country founded on intellectual curiosity"


  4. Déjà vu:

    Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch (1987)

    Closing of the American Mind Allan Bloom (1987)

  5. Like the song says:
    Welcome to a new kind of tension,
    All across the alienation,
    Everything isn't meant to be OK ...
    -- Green Day, American Idiot.

  6. This is both sad and funny...

  7. Watch the movie "Idiocracy".