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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gary Goodyear's Letter to Nature

Canadian government reaffirms support for science and discovery

You report researchers' concerns about the Canadian government's support for science in two recent News stories (Nature 457, 646; 2009 and Nature 458, 393; 2009). As Minister of State for Science and Technology, I can say that, despite the global economic situation, the government of Canada remains committed to innovation and discovery. We have increased funding to researchers, both in universities and in the private sector.

In the past three years, for example, we have significantly increased the budgets of federal granting councils, increased scholarships through the Canada Graduate Scholarships Program, and increased the Industrial Research Assistance Program for small and medium-sized businesses. The Budget 2009 announcements include Can$750 million (US$590 million) for the Canada Foundation for Innovation to attract and retain world-leading researchers, and a Can$2-billion infrastructure programme. The government has also put in place two five-year funding agreements with Genome Canada that are worth Can$240 million, to support large-scale, world-class research.

Your readers should therefore rest assured that the government of Canada will continue to fund research for the benefit of all scientists and Canadians.
Isn't it strange that basic science researchers are upset about the fact that funding to the major granting councils has been cut for the next three years?

Either the researchers are correct, and Canadian basic research is in trouble, or Gary Goodyear is correct and the Conservatives are doing a fine job.

I know who is telling the truth.


  1. It's too bad Correspondences can't be commented on at the Nature site.

  2. I must say that I find that Prof. Moran is far too kind and gentle with this quack. One need only compare his crednetials with those of President Obamas science advisor Dr. John Holdren and head of his science advisory committee, Nobel Prize winning research physician, Dr. Harold Varmus. Mr. (I refuse to recognize his so called doctorate in quackypractic) Goodyear is a disgrace to Canadian science. At least former President Bushs' science adviser was a real scientist, even if he was ignored for 8 years.

  3. There's a difference between a science advisor and a Minister of State for Science and Technology. It's easy to find a scientist for the former, whereas one must look really hard to find a scientist amongst parliamentarians for the latter.

  4. Gary probably didn't write that letter all by himself. This is about what Harper thinks.

  5. ^^ Too bad we got rid of our science advisor!

  6. Re Dumbar

    I find it hard to believe tht there isn't a legitimate scientist or two in the Canadian Parliament. Even down here in the US, one could find a few such individuals (e.g. Democrats Rush Holt, PhD in physics, and Bill Foster, PhD in physics; Rethuglicans Vernon Ehler, PhD physics and Roscoe Bartlett, PhD in physiology.