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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Conservative Spin


Canadian Cynic has built a career out of keeping an eye on The Blogging Tories. Every now and then CC comes up with something that makes you scratch your head and ask, "Can The Blogging Tories really be that stupid?"

Here's a posting from that will answer the question.
Funny how the current deficit budget is now universally referred to as “The Conservative Deficit”, even after this current budget was forced upon us by the Liberals, NDPers and the bloc-heads after a mid-winter stand-off on the Governour General’s front stoop. As I recall, the Conservative’s Economic Update, brought forward in December, did not make us go into a deficit at all. It was after the three stooges reared their ugly heads and blackmailed the country, that the current deficit budget was tabled.

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