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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

2,296,911 visits?

It's April 1st and PZ Myers tells us that Pharyngula had 2,296,911 visits last month [What are all you people doing here?].

Problem is, I don't think this is an April Fool's joke.1

There are already 225 comments to that posting, which is probably what PZ means when he asks what everyone is doing there. Now he knows—they're posting comments!

Sandwalk had 107,747 visits or less than 5% of the number that visited Pharyngula.


  1. We actually have a rule at that we don't talk about these numbers. But I can tell you (we can see each other's numbers) that this isn't even close.

    I am baffled by PZ's post. I assume that 2298911 means something. Like if you divide it by PI you get 666 or something.

  2. In the interview with Ed Brayton he did the other day, he said it was about 2 million a month, and that's in the region of other estimates I've seen.

    Maybe you're looking at different figures, like "hits" vs "visitors"?

  3. Over 100000 hits on Sandwalk in a month! Not too shabby.

  4. MInd you, I don't even bother with the comments on Pharyngula. Who has the time?

    But on your blog I often follow a thread to the end, and sometimes find a lot of food for thought.