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Monday, March 30, 2009

YouTube Suspends the Account of the James Randi Education Foundation

If you have a YouTube account, follow these instructions.

To complain to youtube follow this link;

Scroll to the very bottom and click on "new issue"

Select "suspended account" from the options and express your opinion.

The mediafire link is;

UPDATE: I was astonished to learn that some readers don't know who James Randi is or what the James Randi educational foundation is all about.

Randi is a former magician ("The Amazing Randi") from Toronto, Ontario (Canada). He is best known for investigating claims of the paranormal and for his one million dollar challenge. He has appeared on television many times and often writes columns and article debunking paranormal claims.

The goal of the James Randi Educational Foundation is ...
The James Randi Educational Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996. Its aim is to promote critical thinking by reaching out to the public and media with reliable information about paranormal and supernatural ideas so widespread in our society today.

The Foundation's goals include:

* Creating a new generation of critical thinkers through lively classroom demonstrations and by reaching out to the next generation in the form of scholarships and awards.
* Demonstrating to the public and the media, through educational seminars, the consequences of accepting paranormal and supernatural claims without questioning.
* Supporting and conducting research into paranormal claims through well-designed experiments utilizing "the scientific method" and by publishing the findings in the JREF official newsletter, Swift, and other periodicals. Also providing reliable information on paranormal and pseudoscientific claims by maintaining a comprehensive library of books, videos, journals, and archival resources open to the public.
* Assisting those who are being attacked as a result of their investigations and criticism of people who make paranormal claims, by maintaining a legal defense fund available to assist these individuals.

To raise public awareness of these issues, the Foundation offers a $1,000,000 prize to any person or persons who can demonstrate any psychic, supernatural or paranormal ability of any kind under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions. This prize money is held in a special account which cannot be accessed for any purpose other than the awarding of the prize.

Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the Foundation is funded through member contributions, grants, sales of books and videos, seminars, and conferences.
The current President of the foundation is Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy.


  1. If you want people to help you, you aught to state your case. Not everyone knows who James Randi is or why they should give a fuck...

  2. As the commenter above stated, please let us know who this is and why it's so significant. It's not good to just assume that everyone knows who you are...

  3. I added an update to the posting to explain who James Randi is and why this is important.

  4. I don't think anybody has an excuse not to know something like this. Wiki takes like 10 seconds

  5. Look... if you're not going to take the time to tell me why the account was suspended and what JR's take on the situation is, I'm not going to take the time to figure it out. To me, this is just like people who try to sell things on Craigslist with no pictures and no detailed description. I honestly don't understand how they expect to get any response.


    FS: CAR

    I have a car for sale. Contact me if you would like to buy it. Serious buyers only, please.

  6. I for one am very much aware of who James Randi is. YouTube will be much poorer for his exclusion.

    For a glimpse of his work you can still watch some related videos.

    Ironically, his hour long talk at Google HQ is still available on Google-owned YouTube.

  7. "tell me why the account was suspended"

    Well, YT has this thing for suspending accounts without telling the account holder what they did wrong. Usually, all it takes is for someone to complain, and YT will suspend an account pending investigation without disclosing further info. So, really, there might not be anything to tell you as far as why the account was suspended, except that skeptics on YT are the frequent targets of people who, rather than addressing the points of the skeptics with reason and evidence, choose to find some way to censor.

  8. Best news I've heard all day.

  9. never heard of the guy but he must have made some video or comment that got one of the sandniggers upset. Say one word that offends an Arab Muslim piece of shit, or that peodophile prophet they follow and heads will roll. Lacking that they'll suspend the account. No need to back it up, just say its offensive to allah and your history.

  10. Anonymous: 7.04pm 31/3/09

    You really are a snivelling coward. If you want to spew racist abuse to show how brave you are, why don't you use your own name? Why smear crap on someone else's blog when, with all you original thought and deep insight, you show set up one of your own?