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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Is Science Important?

The short answer is that science is important because knowledge is always better than ignorance and science teaches you how to distinguish between them.

The long answer is ... [Why Is Science Important?]

Why is Science Important? from Alom Shaha on Vimeo

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  1. Slightly OT but Prof. Moran may be interested in the following article in todays' Washington Post about visits to the Smithsonian museum in DC by "students" from Liberty so called University. For the information of Canadians, Liberty so called University was founded by the late Jerry Falwell.

  2. Links seem to be incomplete today. Try again.

  3. Thank you SLC for the link.

    PZ Myers posted "Creationists in denial" and his comments on the Washington Post article at

  4. OT but related to Larry's comments on science journalism.

    One of the readers of Pharyngula who responded to PZ's post "Creationists in denial" says

    Posted by: Steve @#21

    "I agree with PZ that the journalist in this case (and journalists in general) should do more than regurgitate what their sources tell them. But articles like this still serve a very useful purpose. By reporting it straight with no commentary, they provide a forum for creationists to show the world exactly how they think. It's the world's job to respond appropriately. Unfortunately, the U.S. populace is largely ignorant about evolution. But that's not the journalist's fault or responsibility."

  5. So Vronvron, you agree with PZ that the journalist should do more than regurgitate AND that its "the world's" responsibility to respond? Oh but US citizens by and large are ignorant of evolution so that lets the journalist off the hook to do more than regurgitate....

    So journalists only need to be journalists if most people already understand the subject under discussion, doesn't that remove the need of a journalist in the first place?

    Oh crap, mental system failure, must reboot.

  6. Lorax

    My last post was not a an agreement or disagreement with anything PZ said in regards to "Creationists in denial." If fact, I did not express my opinion at all.

    The information in quotation marks under "Posted by: Steve @#21" are the words and opinion of Steve and can be found comment #21 under PZ's posting of "Creationists in denial."

    I posted Steve's comment because it relates to Larry's postings on science journalism.

    If you would like my opinion, please ask.

  7. it is so very important that the politicians be educated about the science but it is also true that we elect those who are... this requires an educated electorate... in this country, not so much