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Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Streetcar We Desire

Last night we rode the atheist streetcar for about an hour and a half through downtown Toronto. Nobody reacted to the sign. That's probably a good thing.

Thanks to Chris, the Freethought Association of Canada, and The Centre for Inquiry for organizing the event and the bus campaign.


  1. I agree. I find the whole thing vaguely silly, but the lack of reaction is a good thing. I hope it continues.

  2. You'll know you've hit the big time when they start serving "Atheist Burgers" at Tim Horton's. They'd probably leave out the cilantro.

  3. There's "probably" no god? Uh, how probable? Is this a quantum effect where there either or is or isn't a god, until such time as someone tries to make an observation?

  4. Well, the theists have their signboards too, you know! But "don't worry, be happy" seems a bit weak.

    I would have hoped for a little Satre or something...

  5. It's a goofy phrase.
    The way I see it, it is totally lazy and irresponsible to have all your opinions follow those of a religion. They don't worry: most juts take to making money and having children The "stop worrying" message will not necessarily impress the believer. Rather, most believers worry about a world WITHOUT god. They believe god will make everything all right.

    The atheists who came up with these ads may want to take note that the whole god thing is not only about the lake of fire, ya know

  6. "a goofy phrase"

    Thank you A. Vargas for your support.

    "take note that the whole god thing is not only about the lake of fire, ya know"

    No, it's about control, especially about control of women and female children:

  7. Should be something like: Stop praying and work to make your own miracles.

  8. "There is no God... deal with it"

  9. Devin says,

    "There is no God... deal with it"

    That would be my first choice!

    Maybe next time?